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Prim Perfect: Introduction to Mesh Bodies

Please Note: All of the images in this post are raw shots and have not been enhanced in Photoshop.

Prim Perfect: Introduction to Mesh Bodies

Back in March, Saffia Widdershins, Editor of Prim Perfect magazine, asked me to write a general introductory article about mesh bodies. Most of my blog readers already know all about mesh bodies and probably already own a few of them. However, some of the readers of Prim Perfect magazine, because it is mainly focused on home decor, may not be so up to speed on all the different bodies out there and their benefits and even how to wear them. So I wrote a very general article about that and it was released in May. I thought I would share it with my readers on my blog in case any of you are interested in reading my thoughts. Keep in mind, I wrote this back in March, so it is a bit outdated now as the mesh market seems to change so quickly.

The May 2015 issue of Prim Perfect Magazine can be read online at this link: Prim Perfect on Calameo
My article starts on page 38. If you prefer to read it inworld, you can pick up a copy at the Prim Perfect Head Office in Second Life.

Here are a few images I shared showing the difference in mesh bodies alongside the classic Second life avatar. Big thank you to Mr. Winter Jefferson for posing for me with his body from The Mesh Project.

Prim Perfect: Introduction to Mesh Bodies

Prim Perfect: Introduction to Mesh Bodies

In case you haven’t picked up a mesh body as of yet and want even more information about it or are looking to expand your knowledge about this topic, I recommend following this blog: Mesh Body Addicts
She does a fantastic job of covering and reviewing all bodies and body parts released as well as weekly fitmesh finds and other informative things.

In the article I only mentioned three mesh bodies. I didn’t mention pricing or anything else like that. I’ll share pricing in my post here in case you do want to go grab some DEMOs if you haven’t purchased one yet.

Some mesh bodies for women currently on the market:
1. Lara by Maitreya (the one I wear) – L$2750
2. Physique by SLink (hands and feet are sold separately) – L$1250
3. The Mesh Project – Basic L$2500 – Deluxe L$5000
4. Venus by Belleza – L$3995
5. Alice by Signature – L$3000
6. Lena by Kitties Lair – L$849
7. Eve by Absolut Creations – L$1690
You can find a lot more bodies on the Mesh Body Addicts blog as well as the Omega Appliers blog.

I hope you find it informative.

Credits: (for first two images)
*Body: Maitreya
*Skin: Glam Affair
*Hair: Truth
*Lingerie: Zaara
*Shoes: Livalle
*Poses: Diesel Works

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