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Thank you Eclipse Magazine!

Thank you Eclipse Magazine! <3 Photograph by the incredibly talented Antonietta Canucci

About a month ago I was approached by Trouble Dethly about being featured on the cover of the inaugural issue of Eclipse Magazine. This is a new magazine so I didn’t know much about it, but I did like the way he described it. Their concept for the magazine was to be fashion forward, but also relatable and he felt that I fit into their vision well.

I’ve been interviewed quite a bit recently and every time I am, I always get very nervous as I feel like I’m either repeating myself or don’t really have anything substantial or interesting to say. However, he put me at ease and I appreciated the way he took what I said and paraphrased it into a much easier and pleasurable read. I also enjoyed reading his ‘Letter from the Publisher.’

A big thank you to Trouble and Crista and the rest of the Eclipse Magazine team for having so much patience with me as I struggled getting myself together for the pictures and responding to the interview questions. Also thank you to Aria DeSantos for the images she took of me that can be viewed throughout the article and a final massive thank you to Antonietta Canucci for the incredible cover photo you see here. I was just blown away by the realism. Thank you all so much for your kindness. It was a pleasure meeting you all. <3

> Read the February 2015 issue of Eclipse Magazine on
> My interview starts on page 40

Skin: DeeTaleZ
*Eyes: IKON
*Hair: Truth
*Necklace ISON
*Top: ISON

Winter Adventures

The January/February issue of Love to Decorate Magazine has been released and I was asked to do a few images for the “Winter Adventures” segment this month. If you are not familiar with Love to Decorate, I suggest you click over to their blog and check them out. They have become one of the best […] Continue reading →

Weddings Around the World

Libby Farleigh, the publisher of Fusion Magazine recently contacted me and requested I do two images for her special Wedding issue. They have a segment on weddings around the world so she asked me to share some colorful imagery depicting indian wedding traditions. Indian weddings are usually a big celebration of two families coming together, […] Continue reading →

A Journey Through India

For the summer issue of TREMPE mode magazine, I was asked to take you all on a journey through India. I tried to use mostly mesh items in this editorial, however there are still a few favorites from the pre-mesh era that I felt compelled to include. The build I’ve used in all of the […] Continue reading →

Thank you ICON Magazine!

Photography by Julie Hastings. For their September 2012 issue, ICON Magazine has put me on their cover. It’s truly an honor and the most exciting part for me was that I was photographed by Julie Hastings, someone that I look up to and whose work I greatly admire. Photography by Julie Hastings. A big thank […] Continue reading →

Solitude Magazine

oh hi, I’m back from my vacation and I thought I’d try out this blogging thing again. Although I do admit that I am kinda over fashion blogging. I’m thinking of just sticking to blogging random gibberish, social media and my naked pixels. So yeah, I think I will…maybe, I dunno…I’ll think about it. Oh […] Continue reading →

Vignettes – Costumery

The October issue of Avenue Magazine has just hit the stands and for this month I thought I would talk about my favorite costume store on the grid, Deviance. If you’ve never been to Deviance, you’re missing out and should go check out the store…like right now. For all my style credits, check out pages […] Continue reading →

Too Sexy Mesh

Photography by Rico Plisskin Last month talented photographer and designer, Rico Plisskin of Aphotic Gloom, asked me to pose for him wearing some mesh attire. I happily obliged because I love his work and I’m so glad I did. In this month of Too Sexy Magazine you will find me, along with very talented people, […] Continue reading →

Vignettes – Summertime

The July issue of Avenue Magazine just hit and this month for my vignettes column I am enjoying the summer! I’ll be taking you along with me as I travel through the grid to some of my favorite beaches as I lounge around in very little clothing (as usual). All of the places I […] Continue reading →

Vignettes – Dancing Queen

The June 2011 issue of Avenue Magazine has finally been released! This month for my Vignettes column in Avenue Magazine I focused on some of SL’s fabulous clubs. Check out vignettes from pages 72-79 for more of my pictures and of course my style credits. I figured since it was Second Life’s 8th birthday this […] Continue reading →

je suis berry

It’s very rare that someone actually wants to take a picture of me, usually I’m the one behind the lens. That’s why I was totally honored and excited when Julia Merosi of je suis asked me to pose for one of my favorite photographers, Leah McCullough. I love this picture so much, thank you Leah […] Continue reading →

Vignettes – Ladies Who Lunch

Avenue Magazine’s May issue has hit the stands and this month for my vignettes column I decided to put the spotlight on Ladies who Lunch. I’ve blogged this brand several times before because I love the high quality, high fashion items available there. Faint’s creativity knows no bounds. Check out Vignettes from pages 94 to […] Continue reading →