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Love Thursdays

Hey, Eve Petlyakov…

Hey you with the ears
Let’s make hellspawn together
Will you marry me?


Yes I AM the man in this relationship, thanks for asking!


P.S. Berry says that if you say yes she wants to be a bridesmaid. (She especially wants to be put in a teal dress for this.) If you say no, then I’m going to elope with ManBerry instead.

Oh yeah; credits. Right. Umm… my disgustingly adorbs hair is by Catwa, my goosebump-terrified skin is by Tableau Vivant, gloves are by FATEwear, the boxers are by SmartOrNot (I think we can all see the answer to THAT question right now) and the pose is by my dear friends Dove Swanson and Grazia Horwitz.

The ring, well… if I’m lucky, it won’t matter because I won’t have to return it.


Happy Valentines Day to everyone; no matter who you love and are loved by. A partner, family, friends, pets – it’s all beautiful and should be celebrated today, and every day.




Spicy Underpants

At times I feel very privileged to have such wonderful friends, even if I feel I don’t deserve them. I’m quite anti-social and a hermit so not the most engaging friend at times. But I still appreciate the few that have stuck around and learned to deal with my mood swings and encourage me to […] Continue reading →

Love Thursday – Strawberry Singh

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” It’s rare that you find a person who’s so kind, considerate and giving that they completely offset the bad you’ve seen in humanity. I’ve known Berry for nearly two years, and every day I am still in awe of what a […] Continue reading →

Don’t yell at me! :(

I know I promised a Kirstens Viewer video tutorial and y’all have been waiting and imming me asking about it. But I promise I have a very good reason why it’s not up yet. So please don’t yell at me! :( BTW I totally stole this from my friend Radioactive Jam. Ok so maybe that’s […] Continue reading →

Love Thursday – Olive Juice

Olive Juice is definitely one of my top five pose stores. I just love IsabellaGrace Baroque‘s creativity in not only her poses, but the props that she uses and even her vendor images. Using her poses and props is always quite the adventure because she’s got simple fashionable poses and then there are others that […] Continue reading →

Love Thursday – Zaara Mojris

Normally I try not to make my Love Thursdays or Berry’s Favorite Things posts revolve around Zaara’s creations, because she is constantly mean to me, but I just couldn’t resist this time. Ever since Zaara Kohime decided to make mojris inworld, I have been giddy with excitement because mojris are something I love to wear […] Continue reading →

Love Thursday – Sean Black

Even though Mr. Sean Black is to blame for the mango torture, I still ♥ him because he IMs me almost everyday showering me with wonderful compliments and makes me feel so loved. He is also one of the best landscapers I have ever seen. Anytime he decides to decorate a sim, I’m always left […] Continue reading →

Hounds of Love

I know it’s still a few hours away for Love Thursday but I think this is going to be my Love Thursday post. I am totally loving this new &bean skin, which will be released in a few days. This beautifully soft skin comes in three tones: light, tan and dark. Each skin comes with […] Continue reading →