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Long Live the Queen!

Strawberry Singh

Whenever I put on any kind of crown in Second Life, I admit to feeling a bit like royalty. Who wouldn’t though with this crown? It’s just magnificent! Below is a full shot of the crown because even though I love the closeup shot of my face, I really did want to show you the full detail of the crown. The crown is from Enfant Terrible from her Magic Ride Gacha at this month’s Arcade and it will absolutely make you feel like a queen!

Each piece of the set is so very detailed, I adore it. I am wearing the rare gold crown and gold necklace in the first two pictures and also the gold chain (instead of the crown) in the third picture. The set also has a dress, more accessories and the most fun thing, a magic carpet! Probably one of my most favorite sets this round of Arcade.

Long live the Queen! (click here for a raw shot)

I’ve shared the raw shot of the first image and I was asked on flickr to share a tutorial on how I got from the raw to the finished shot. It was hours of work and I honestly don’t recall all of the steps, but if I am able to go back and remember it all, I’ll try and do a tutorial. I noticed I haven’t done a tutorial in a while, would you guys like more photoshopping tutorials? I just don’t feel like I am qualified enough to really do an indepth Photoshop tutorial, I just press all the shiny buttons. Are there any other kinds of tutorials you would like to see from me?

habibi ya nour el ain

The skin I’m wearing is the latest from Glam Affair and will be available at Skin Fair from March 13th till the 29th. The last image was taken by Aida Ewing herself. I was so excited to be able to model for the vendor this time because I absolutely love all of her images. Definitely check out her whole flickr stream if you haven’t already.

Ever since Aida posted that image yesterday I’ve had a number of people contact me asking me where I got my shape from. My shape was custom made for me back in 2009 by Catero Revolution. Catero is no longer in Second Life and my shape is not for sale. Just thought I would add that here since so many of you were wondering. I do have two shapes that I’ve made myself in my marketplace store if you’d like to give them a try.

A few people also wanted to know which eyes I’m wearing in Aida’s picture. I’m wearing the Ikon Charm eyes in the hazel color. In the first three images though, I am wearing it in the Moor color. Definitely my favorite eyes on the grid these days!

Glam Affair - Katra skin - SkinFair 2015 (Photo by Aida Ewing)

Today is Friday the 13th and I haven’t done a Friday Find for a few weeks now. I just haven’t been feeling up to it and admit to being super stressed. I’m going to go away for a few days this weekend and get a much needed break. Hopefully I’ll return fully charged and be able to do a Friday Find next week. Here’s a bit of a weekly roundup though:

Weekly Roundup

  1. Photographer of the Week: Jordan Giant – Jordan has been a favorite of mine for many years now and she keeps getting better and better. She’s a wonderful Home and Decor blogger as well.
  2. Gacha Minion – I mentioned this in another post earlier this week but thought I would share it again here as well. Gacha Minion is giving out free pro access for a month. Sign up if you are a gacha addict and looking to sell/buy/trade any gacha items, old and new.
  3. The Drax files radio hour – show #59: gdc post mortem [with karl krantz] – Just released today!
  4. There’s No Shame In Playing Second Life By Beau Hindman – A positive article about Second Life? Just don’t read the comment section. Ever.
  5. Buzzfeed Quiz of the Week: Could You Actually Be A Serial Killer? – See, I’m totally harmless you guys! :)

Have a great weekend and stay safe! <3

1st, 2nd and 3rd pictures:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Katra skin [ India ] 06 F by Aida Ewing (Skin Fair)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Moor by Ikon Innovia
*Mesh Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.03 by Aida Ewing
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Olivieri
*Hair: little bones. Lovestruck by Nova Faerye
*Jewels: .ET. Magic Ride by leenfantterrible (@ Arcade)
4th picture: (by Aida Ewing)
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Katra skin [ India ] 06 F by Aida Ewing (Skin Fair)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Olivieri
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sally by Truth Hawks
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Clothing: Zaara : [Mesh] Chandni lehenga *ivory gold* by Zaara Kohime
*Earrings: Zaara : Ayanna Jhumka earrings *clear* by Zaara Kohime
*Nosering: Zaara : Ayanna nosering *clear* by Zaara Kohime

Inspiration Recreation

Arora Zanzibar has been running a blogger/photography challenge so I thought I’d tell you guys about it. I think blog or photography challenges and contests are a great way to find inspiration to create or write on your own. For her challenge every month she shares a series of real world images and asks you […] Continue reading →


On Monday I will be 34 years old and I know as you grow older you are supposed to become more mature and sure of yourself, but my mind tends to focus on all the doubts and shortcomings I have. When you’re young you have all these plans…when you hit certain ages you’ll have accomplished […] Continue reading →

Happy Eid!

This is the last day of Ramadan and tomorrow is Eid for me so I wanted to share an Eid picture. I know some celebrated Eid today and some are celebrating tomorrow, so just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and joyous day, whichever day you celebrate! I hope this year brings lots of […] Continue reading →


Immaculate is the exact word I would use to describe some of the hair that is available at Hair Fair this year. I’ve already spent a small fortune there and plan to head back in a week or so and spend a bit more. Hair Fair opens tonight (Saturday the 12th) at midnight, hope you […] Continue reading →


Siddean Munro shared a teaser pic of something she’s about to release soon, certainly had me intrigued. There is a lot of speculation of what it might be. Some people are saying it’s a mesh head that will have an option for appliers (wouldn’t that be nice?) or mesh boobs/body, etc… Looking at the pic, […] Continue reading →


Nadirah is the latest skin release from Jalwa Skins. Nadirah comes in 5 medium dark – dark skin tones: Lychee, Clove, Cinnamon, Pepper, and Ginger. I’m wearing the Pepper tone. I love the richness of the tones and how it brings out my features, very nicely shaded. It also comes with ALL the appliers for […] Continue reading →

For you, my love is selfless…

I was listening to one of my favorite bollywood songs while working on this: mera ishq sufiyana which translates into “my love is selfless” and the rest of it is just as poetic, if not more. It’s an absolutely beautiful song. Today was the last day of school, so I’m off for the summer. However, […] Continue reading →

The Primavera Collection

(click here for a raw shot) This week is going to be the week of epic jewelry releases. The first release I’d like to show you is The Primavera Collection from Kunglers. This collection is quite organic consisting of many nature elements such as flowers, petals, butterflies and other insects. As always, it has the […] Continue reading →

Hooot Hooot

(click here for a raw shot) There was much debate over which picture I should use for this blog post over on plurk. My friend Ms. Dove Swanson was hating on this pose (that she made 5 years ago) and trying to get me to use a different one. She said it looks like a […] Continue reading →

SLink Avatar Enhancement

(click here for a raw shot) The day we’ve all been patiently waiting for has finally arrived. Siddean Munro of SLink has released her Avatar Enhancement system. This is an update to the SLink mesh hands and mesh feet. So if you have previously purchased these, you just need to head down to the SLink […] Continue reading →

Global Domination

(click here for a raw shot of this image) Are you ready for some fun and adventure? Global Domination is an event by the Hottie Cooterati team and it will be an extravagant adventure! It all starts tomorrow on Valentine’s day and will run through till the 28th of February. However, Global Domination is more […] Continue reading →


Last week Maxi Gossamar dropped one of her new mesh jewelry sets on me and said that she created an indian themed set for one of the Miss Virtual World contestants this year. I didn’t get a chance to try it on till just last night and I instantly fell in love with it. I […] Continue reading →


“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” This week has been epic for stylish and artistic releases. Now you can add this one to your shopping list as well. Today, Kunglers has released their Empress Collection. The collection consists of three different sets, I’m wearing my favorite two there. All three […] Continue reading →


If you’re on my plurk timeline you’ll know that I’ve had quite the frustrating day. However, there’s nothing a spoon full of nutella and new mesh jewels won’t fix. Zaara has released her first collection of mesh jewelry in a variety of colors available in gold and silver metals. I’m wearing the carnelian and onyx […] Continue reading →