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Patron BANYAN House Edition

Patron BANYAN House Edition

Eliza Wierwight is the owner of Patron and she creates incredibly beautiful living spaces and art. I have blogged one of her homes before back in 2012 and now she is working on the Banyan edition. It’s not open to the public or up for sale yet, but if you would like to take a look at it before it is, there is an inworld group that you can join for L$100 and visit.
> Link to the group: PATRON Experience Private Members – (link inworld)
> This is the SLurl to the location of the house

Patron BANYAN House Edition

Here’s a little excerpt from the group that describes the house:
“Think fine wine, cigars, fresh truffle, the smell of roasting coffee, a gentle sea breeze, textures that make you purr, an orchid in bud, water lapping at your feet, sun through closed eyelids as you exhale, music that takes you exactly where you need to be, organic cacao chocolate & so much more.”

It’s quite a lavish home, as her pieces normally are. The textures are bright and crisp and the atmosphere is just so serene and peaceful. I love the openness of the build and the use of waterfalls, it really brings a soothing quality. It’s like a little escape when you want to hide out from the rest of the world.

In about a week it will be open to the public and up for sale, but you can contact Eliza Wierwight herself or the Patron Manager, Kamalin Bailey, for further details and exact release dates.

You can find more images of this home and view them in full size on my flickr.

Patron BANYAN House Edition Patron BANYAN House Edition

Patron BANYAN House Edition Patron BANYAN House Edition

You may also remember Eliza from the wonderful fundraiser she did in 2013 for Save the Elephant Organization. She doesn’t have an inworld location to accept donations for SEF at this time however, you can head to their direct website and donate from there if you are interested.

For Amy

Amy Nauman was 26 years old when she passed away on Thursday, May 21, 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer. You may have known her as Scarlet Chandrayaan in Second Life. She was the owner of Alouette, a wonderful home and garden store. I didn’t really know Amy that well, aside from taking her picture […] Continue reading →

Lazy Sunday Morning

So it may not be morning or even a Sunday when you are reading this post, but this is what I imagine to be a very relaxing Sunday morning. The Lazy Sunday Morning set from Erratic at the Arcade this round has some of my most favorite pieces in a gacha ever. First is this […] Continue reading →

Take me to Jodhpur

The Arcade Gacha Events returns March 1st and Zaara is taking us all to Jodhpur, India this round. Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is often referred to as the “Blue City” due to the vivid blue-painted houses that surround the infamous Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of […] Continue reading →

Winter Adventures

The January/February issue of Love to Decorate Magazine has been released and I was asked to do a few images for the “Winter Adventures” segment this month. If you are not familiar with Love to Decorate, I suggest you click over to their blog and check them out. They have become one of the best […] Continue reading →

Mrs. Robinson

Botgirl called me Mrs. Robinson earlier today and that sort of inspired this post, even though I am completely innocent and have even sworn off men for the rest of my life (or until I meet a really hot guy). But yeah, I did have fun dressing Manberry up like a schoolboy and photoshopping a […] Continue reading →

Cozy Winter Evenings

(click here for a raw shot) The Arcade Gacha Event starts at midnight, December 1st and has all sorts of items to keep you warm and snugly throughout the winter season. All of the items you see in this post will be available there, except the skybox. The skybox I’ve had for many years now […] Continue reading →

Down in the Dungeon

(click here for raw shot) TAG! Gacha is a new event that starts October 17th at 12am SLT and runs till October 31st. It’s an interesting Gacha event with a twist. I looked over the rules to learn how to play but I had a bit of a hard time understanding so I asked my plurky […] Continue reading →


Consensual is a new furniture event that starts this Friday, September 26th at 12am SLT and it will run a week, till October 5th, 12am SLT. Some of the most talented furniture designers will be under one roof with new releases, discounted 30- 50% off for that week only. The focus of this event is […] Continue reading →

Body Party

(click here for raw shot) I dropped by the Genre event this month because their theme is South Asia, and of course I couldn’t resist that. Majority of the items are around L$100, I picked up a few things. This Indian themed wall unit from Mirage is texture changeable and comes with 14 animated couples […] Continue reading →

The Maharani’s Boudoir

Maharani is sanskrit for a very great Princess, who ranks above the queen. So she is the queen of all queens and the wife of the Maharaja. Zaara Kohime has created a vanity set which you would find in a Maharani’s Boudoir for this September’s Arcade Gacha Events. You can see the complete set as […] Continue reading →