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Gardens of Absentia

Gardens of Absentia

I recently spent some time visiting and exploring the Gardens of Absentia. I took quite a few pictures so decided to share this one. You can find a few more on my profile feed.

Ipunin Pera is the owner of the gardens and The Pool of Hope Charity in Second Life hosts many events there to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

When you explore the Gardens of Absentia you’ll notice little birdhouses near the pond, which serve as information kiosks for different cancers. You can click on them for more information, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, and support. It’s very informative and a beautiful sim to explore. There is also a Breast Cancer Tribute Garden where you can light a tribute candle for a loved one.

Here are some links you may find useful:
> Gardens of Absentia SLurl
> Gardens of Absentia Facebook Page
> Pool of Hope Charity in Second Life Facebook Page
> Ipunin Pera’s Cancer Awareness Blog

Hope you get a chance to visit. <3

Elephants are Good Luck!

Did you know that elephants are considered to be good luck? In fact, elephants symbolize a lot of things: fertility, protection, good luck, wisdom and knowledge. Details are at this link. A lot of people, including my mom, keep statues of elephants displayed in their homes for these reasons. This is just one of the […] Continue reading →

I Know What You’re Thinking

Actually I lied, I really don’t know what you’re thinking. But in all honesty, I’m not sure what I’m thinking at the moment myself either. I’ve had a little too much sugar today and my body is kind of having a melt down right now. Anyhow, I have two reasons for posting two versions of […] Continue reading →

The Ashraya Project

Ashraya, which means shelter in sanskrit, is an organization based in India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects. The Ashraya Project in SL opens tomorrow, May 5th, and the proceeds will go towards this wonderful organization. There are many […] Continue reading →

Happy Earth Day!

Just because I’m a fairy, doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Earth Day. April 22nd, 2012 is Earth Day. Don’t forget to get involved in your community and do something for the earth. Here are just 5 things to strive for that would make such a difference: Plant a tree Reduce, reuse and recycle Give up […] Continue reading →

Wear Gray

Wear Gray for a Day is an event that is raising funds for the American Brain Tumor Association. With over 80 established stores participating, it is the brain child of Sanura Snowpaw. It is now open, so take the slurl and get shopping. I was recently linked to a post about a fellow SLer we […] Continue reading →

Outside Your Window

Or as I really wanted to call this post, “This Christmas – Give a Shit!” Hello; I’m the vampire Lord Winter Jefferson. The fabulous Barry Singe is allowing me to take over her blog (again) because… lets face it, she can be pretty slack at times. Can’t style herself either, takes second rate pictures and […] Continue reading →

Shoe Fair 2011

The 2011 Shoe Fair will run from May 14th to the 27th. I am honored to be chosen as one of the 5 exclusive bloggers that will be covering the Shoe fair on the Shoe fair blog itself. So keep an eye on the Shoe fair blog to see all of our coverage. Following are […] Continue reading →

The Water Project

Charity begins at home, but shouldn’t end there. Read more about The Little Big Shop Event and The Water Project. I was asked to do a picture with a water theme to be displayed at the event. There will be art displayed by many other artists as well. The event will run from April 15th […] Continue reading →

Pacific Crisis Relief

People evacuate to higher ground during a tsunami warning after the area was struck by an earthquake and tsunami in Iwate prefecture March 12. (Kyodo/Reuters) It seems that while we are in the midst of coming to terms with one natural disaster another occurs. In the first 3 months of 2011 the world community has already been rocked by 2 major crises. The most recent being Friday’s earthquake that shook the Pacific, centering on Japan. Though severe weather warnings were […] Continue reading →

Garden City Relief

Workers and police converge on the rubble of the CTV building in Christchurch Tuesday to seek victims. The building had housed the King The Second Life community has a tremendous capacity for raising funds for humanitarian efforts. Product expos have long raised money and awareness for charitable organizations that provide a wide range of supports – from health and well-being to medical research. The generosity of planned charity events is matched by our community in times of disaster, […] Continue reading →

The Spirit of Giving!

I am always amazed how the Second Life community can come together to support another community in need. This weekend brings you the opportunity not once, but twice to reach into your pockets and give for a greater cause. Not only will your avatar look fantastic, but the person behind the screen will also feel […] Continue reading →


“The essence of existence is the magic of being needed and helping others in their time of need.” Please give generously, your assistance is needed. Severe flooding in Pakistan How to help Pakistan’s Flood Victims Project Donate – For SL residents that want to help! Thank you. ♥ Credits: *Skin: !Imabee: Roots – Serene – […] Continue reading →

One Love

On January 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Whenever there is a crisis of some sort, the Second Life community manages to put their differences aside and band together for the greater cause. I’m not even sure how many items are for sale and how many designers have contributed towards this effort, but […] Continue reading →