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Happy Eid!

Happy Eid

Eid al-Fitr has arrived and it’s been a wonderfully spiritual month of Ramadan for me. Ramadan is one of my most favorite months of the year. It’s a time my family really comes together. We wake up before sunrise and eat together then open our fasts together after sunset. We read the Quran together, we pray together, we give each other support. It’s a time I cherish dearly. After the month is over, we have Eid. Eid is like Christmas to us. We spend the day together, sharing gifts, meeting relatives, eating lots of sweet treats and it’s something I always look forward to. I may not be the best muslim, but these are the times that bring me back to my roots and my spirituality. For those of you celebrating Eid, I wish you lots of happiness with your loved ones today. I hope this coming year will be a more peaceful one for everyone and there is less human suffering all over the world.

I’ve been so busy this past month that I never got the chance to visit the community celebrations this past June for Second Life’s 12th birthday. I’ve been trying to keep up with them by reading all the blogs. Of course the lovely Ms. Inara Pey and the evil Mr. Ciaran Laval have done a wonderful job covering it. You may not think Mr. Laval is evil, but trust me on this, he’s totally evil.

During the birthday celebrations, the CEO of Linden Lab, Ebbe Altberg, was interviewed by Saffia Widdershins and Jo Yardley. The interview ended with some audience Q&A, but there wasn’t time to get to all of the audience questions so the Lindens have started a thread on the community forums called Ask the CEO where residents are invited to ask any questions they may have and both the CEO and other Lindens will try and answer them. So far the thread has been going very well and has been quite informative, especially if you are interested in the new virtual world that Linden Lab is working on (Project Sansar). Mr. Laval has done a summary post of what we’ve learned so far from the Q&A if you’d like to catch up.

It’s great to see not only the Lindens but the CEO interacting with the residents this way and providing as much information as possible. I hope this thread stays active for a while and they think of more ideas like this to reach out and interact with the community.

*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-KARIN v1.1 by Jadenart
*Skin: Glam Affair (LeLutka Heads) Tecla Mermaid by Aida Ewing (@ C88)
Headscarf: LeLutka Bandana – Kali Headscarf by Thora Charron (Exclusive to Hair Fair for Bandana Day – L$50)
*Top: {Junbug} Sitara Top [Vintage] – S by Juno Mantel
*Jewelry: MG – Maharani by Maxi Gossamer

What Second Life Means to Me

To celebrate Second Life’s 12th birthday Linden Lab has introduced a video share project called “What Second Life Means to Me” in which they have asked some Second Life residents, as well as some Lindens themselves, what Second Life means to them. I was very happy and nervous when I was asked to be a part of […] Continue reading →


There is a new club on the grid by the name of !ndustry. Harlow Heslop blogged about it earlier and then I saw her plurking about a party going on there, so I figured I’d go and try to kill my graphics card by taking a picture in the crowd. The club is owned by […] Continue reading →

Berry Nice Shoes

I don’t think I’ve ever written a “berry” pun in my titles before so hopefully you’ll forgive me this time, I couldn’t resist. The shoes I’m wearing are named Berry so you know, it had to be done. The lovely Lyrical Ember asked me to blog with her and since I’m on this journey to […] Continue reading →

A Campaign for Education

Juno Mantel of Junbug has started a campaign to help educate girls in Sierra Leone. She has created this adorable vintage school dress, available in 5 colors, and 100% of the sales will be donated to her Do it in a Dress campaign. Her campaign is running from November 7th till December 7th (only one month) […] Continue reading →

Dirty Dancing

As I said in a recent post, I have been trying to be a bit more social and approaching a few friends to join me on the blog. Carthalis Rossini is another one of the friends I drool over and wanted to collaborate with. Carthalis and I have blogged a few times before. The first […] Continue reading →

Ready, set, jump!

I’m trying to be a bit more social in SL these days and approaching people I admire to come join me on the blog. Ms. Hillany Scofield is one I’ve wanted to collaborate with for a long while. Not only is her face and avatar incredibly striking to me, but her pictures are so sensually […] Continue reading →

What’s in a Shape?

Last month I released a standard second life shape directly to my marketplace store. The only reason I did that is because people kept asking about my shape and so I thought I would experiment and see what I could come up with. I didn’t expect to, but I sold quite a few of them. […] Continue reading →

Gardens of Absentia

I recently spent some time visiting and exploring the Gardens of Absentia. I took quite a few pictures so decided to share this one. You can find a few more on my profile feed. Ipunin Pera is the owner of the gardens and The Pool of Hope Charity in Second Life hosts many events there […] Continue reading →

Elephants are Good Luck!

Did you know that elephants are considered to be good luck? In fact, elephants symbolize a lot of things: fertility, protection, good luck, wisdom and knowledge. Details are at this link. A lot of people, including my mom, keep statues of elephants displayed in their homes for these reasons. This is just one of the […] Continue reading →

Desi Girls

You may not be familiar with the word “desi” it’s basically a term used to describe the people, cultures, and products of South Asia. Meet my friend Reema Xue, she’s desi like me. If you have Reema on your plurk timeline, then you probably already know that she is absolutely one of the sweetest people […] Continue reading →

SL10B is open!

Today is Father’s Day so I’m a bit caught up with RL stuff, however I did want to get this post up today so you guys know that SL10B is now open and will be till June 29th. It is Second Life’s 10th birthday and the community has come together to celebrate it with a […] Continue reading →