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Portraits by Melaniebianca Lyric

Doodle of Berry by Melaniebianca Lyric (Portrait by Melaniebianca Lyric)

Today I am blogging cartoons of my own cartoon. Recently Melaniebianca Lyric drew a picture of my Second Life avatar (based on this image) and I completely fell in love with it. She just did it out of the blue a few days ago and I’ve been admiring it since then. It’s the type of image that can easily be used as a fun logo or profile shot.

Then earlier today I posted a picture of my avatar to be used as a pileup for my rezday and she created another one as a rezday gift for me (based on this image.)

Berry's Rezday Doodle by Melaniebianca Lyric (Portrait by Melaniebianca Lyric)

Her portraits are so adorable and full of life, I really wanted to blog about them in case you guys were also interested in getting your own custom portraits done. She has very reasonable pricing and I think these would also be great to give as gifts since gift cards are also available.

> Orders can either be placed using the Portrait Request Form on Google Docs
> Or through the terminals at this inworld location
> Gift cards are also available at the same inworld location

Her prices are as follows:
Individual Headshot: L$1000
Individual Full Body: L$1500
Group Headshot (up to three avatars): L$1250
Group Full Body (up to three avatars): L$1750
There’s a L$100 surcharge for every avatar over 3 avatars in a group portrait.

Check out her flickr to see more of her work.

Don’t you just love my big strawberry?

Practical Jokes Meme

This week’s Monday Meme is brought to you by Ms. Kara Trapdoor. She messaged me with the suggestion quite a while back and I didn’t get a chance to do it till now. Since I haven’t been able to login to SL for a few days and probably won’t till tomorrow, this idea came in […] Continue reading →

Kiss My Strawberry

Yesterday I asked my friends on flickr to help me out by sharing their thoughts on a few headshots I couldn’t decide between to build brand recognition on most of my social networks. You can see the whole discussion on my flickr at this link. So after all that, I basically went back and redid […] Continue reading →

Suck My Noob!

So yesterday the lovely Catherine Fairport (who takes breathtaking pictures, you really must visit her blog and flickr) sent me a strawberry flavored noob to suck on. You can also pick up the Suck My Noob megapack if you like your noobs in a variety of flavors. I couldn’t resist blogging it and adding it […] Continue reading →

Happy 2012!

So I do have quite a lot I want to talk about in this post but before I start I thought I would share my New Year’s resolutions with you guys. I posted them on my facebook page here, what are your resolutions? My crazy friend Faint Paulse has been threatening me for a year […] Continue reading →

I am Woman – and naked (again)

A few days ago I logged into another wonderful “strawberry” present from Mr. Winter Jefferson. I’m totally adding this post to my Berrylicious category. I love it when he spoils me. :D I think he does it because he’s afraid of me. He’s scared because he doesn’t know exactly how I’ll get him back for […] Continue reading →

je suis berry

It’s very rare that someone actually wants to take a picture of me, usually I’m the one behind the lens. That’s why I was totally honored and excited when Julia Merosi of je suis asked me to pose for one of my favorite photographers, Leah McCullough. I love this picture so much, thank you Leah […] Continue reading →


As you can tell, I just love strawberry-themed items. :D Once again I have Mr. Jefferson to thank for my new strawberry outfit. He got me this adorable strawberry bikini created by Karissa Silversmith of Touche which is located on the Eros sim where you will find a showcase for Teen Talent. It’s a great […] Continue reading →

Berry Berrylicious

There’s a few important things I wanted to talk about in this post, first I’ll start off with the Berry poses (that are named after yours truly) created by Takeshi Kiama of Frozen Panty (lol @ the store name). Keshi is absolutely phenomenal at everything he does, from his blogging, to his pictures and now […] Continue reading →